You’re The Top

As you can tell from the featured image, Cole Porter was the cat’s pajamas. Make that a cat in pajamas: the critters involved are equine in nature. Oh well, what the hell.

Porter wrote You’re The Top in 1934 for the smash hit musical Anything Goes. It’s the listiest list song ever written. Who among us can forget the lines about the Taj Mahal or the Great Durante’s nose?

We begin with a clip from the 1956 film version of Anything Goes with Bing Crosby, Mitzi Gaynor, Donald O’Connor, and Zizi Jeanmarie.

Ella Fitzgerald’s take on You’re The Top is one of the best and most beloved of the bunch. That’s a lotta Bs, baby.

Anita O’Day and Billy May were a killer combination in the Fifties.

Bobby Short was the ultimate NYC lounge singer. I don’t see any lizards, do you?

Finally, Tony Bennett and his paisan, Lady Gaga.

What’s a Friday Cocktail Hour without a jazz instrumental version of the week’s song? This time, the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

That’s it for this week. We survived another week of sausage making. Here’s hoping we won’t have to think about the Sinematic Senator and Man of La Manchin much longer. They’re the bottom, not the top. On a happier note, lift your glass and toast Bogie, Betty, and Frank.