Trolling A Tragedy

The trolls of Norse myth lived under bridges. In 2021, they live on social media, especially Twitter whose bird logo ought to be a buzzard. They lurk awaiting misfortune to strike someone they dislike then pounce. The worst form of troll is the wingnut troll. They love capitalizing on tragedy in order to make a point, torment someone they loathe, or just for the fun of it. Trolls gotta troll.

It happened again this weekend after a film set tragedy involving Alec Baldwin. Unless you live under a bridge with a Norwegian troll, you’ve already heard of the fatal accident involving Baldwin and a prop gun. It’s something that should never happen, but it did. I’m not going to speculate about what happened because I try neither to be a troll nor to feed them.

Confirmation bias kicked in after the shooting occurred and the wingnut trolls swooped down to mock Alec Baldwin. They hate him because of his Trump impression and his politics. Troll logic told them it was time to pounce. It was an ugly spectacle:

Michael Malice is not that creep’s real surname, it’s Krechmer.  He’s a Ukrainian emigree whose pen name is said to be inspired by punk rockers such as Sid Vicious. I prefer to think that it was inspired by the Three Stooges short, Malice In The Palace. He and his fellow Twitter trolls all deserve a Moe-style eye poke. Trolls are often Larrys posing as Moes.

Here’s the deal: I don’t even like Alec Baldwin. From what I know of him as a person, he’s an asshole albeit a talented asshole. He was tabloid fodder for years before his OTT Trump impression made attacking him catnip for wingnuts. Isn’t it bad enough that his brother Stephen is a Trumper?

I fail to see the connection between this terrible tragedy and Baldwin’s politics. It was an accident that could morph into negligent homicide charges for the prop master and/or the armorer on Rust. Baldwin was told that it was a “cold gun” meaning that it was safe. As one of the producers he could be civilly liable but that’s the extent of his culpability as of this writing.

It takes a sick mind to attack someone after an incident such as this. It has nothing to do with bad karma as Info Wars guy Mike Cernovich’s tweet implies. It certainly has nothing to do with Baldwin’s views about BLM or gun control per Boebert’s babblings Trolls gotta troll.

The dread JD Vance who was against Trump before he was for him was called on the carpet by Tim Ryan for his Baldwin tweet:

And this jerk wants to be a United States senator? An asshole is an asshole. Trolls gotta troll.

Some things are not funny. Alec Baldwin accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is as funny as prison rape jokes aimed at Trumpers. I wouldn’t have even made a comparable joke about the anti-Semitic and misogynistic actor Mel Gibson. Ugly is ugly and nasty is nasty regardless of the target.

The wingnut reaction to this sad story reaffirms that there’s no bottom to Trumper depravity. Trolling a tragedy is as bad as it gets.

While writing this post, several Warren Zevon songs came to mind. This one is “dedicated” to Mike Cernovich who seems to think Alec Baldwin’s bad karma led to this fatal accident. Cernovich should know from Bad Karma:

Repeat after me: Do Not Feed The Wingnut Troll.

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3 thoughts on “Trolling A Tragedy

  1. The treatment of the incident by gun humpers as some kind of a win for them is bizarre. If a tragedy like this can happen in an industry with strict protocols and procedures regarding the handling of guns, it just shows how dangerous firearms are.

    It makes the fact that they think every untrained yahoo should be able to walk into a Starbucks with an assault rifle strapped to their chest that much more irresponsible.

  2. This is in part the new and “casual” approach to guns in the US.
    When I first handled a weapon three lessons were pounded into my brain.
    1) Always Check a weapon that has been handed to you. Don’t care if you just watched some one else do that do it again.

    2) Never carry a round under the “hammer” when it approachs time to use weapon then, and only then, does one chamber a round.

    3) Never point a gun at somebody you aren’t going to shoot.
    Alas with the use of “down the barrel” camera angles and other demand from Hollywood for more and more dramatic effects this rule may be waived for performances but not the first.

    Alas ith the rise of the boot quivering cowardly ammmosexuals these basic rules have been dumpe on the wayside while they argue that the second it would take to chamber a round is too long and so they risk and increase the number of “accidental” shootings by carrying wearons in an unsafe manner i.e with a round in the chamber.
    So now more times when weapon is dropped or jarred we add more deaths and injury’s in name of protecting the fetishes of the poor widdle scared ammosexuals.

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