Today on Tommy T’s Random Ruminations – Brussels spouts edition

Spouting off

Barbara and I went on a snorkeling trip last time we were in Playa Del Carmen, but only for the boat ride and not to go snorkeling (Inah reef is pretty much dead now). The trip goes from Puerto Adventuras, North around 10 miles along the coast. The “Piratas de Tejas” is a 75-foot V-hull and not a catamaran, so it’s pretty susceptible to the wave action that is mostly nonstop in the channel between the Yucatan and Cozumel island, and it was a pretty rough ride.

For some reason, the crew were playing Spanish language rap and techno (as if any of the 20-odd passengers were going to be dancing around instead of just hanging on) all the way out. We stopped South of the reef, and the snorkelers were herded into a bait ball and led over to the reef. Barbara and I took advantage of the wind, stillness, and impossibly blue water to relax and chat with the other non-snorkelers, and have some ice-cold beers.

After the touristas were loaded back on and lunch served, we headed back.

That’s where it got a little strange.

More after the clickbait…

At first, it was just blue skies and mile after mile of jungle as we made our way back South.

Then I saw something interesting in the storm clouds that were forming up ahead. Something very interesting.

Quoth I – “Look! A waterspout!”

Everyone rushed over to where I was to take a look. One passenger looked down at the side of the ship – I guess he thought I meant water was spouting out of the boat.

They all gasped, and I proclaimed that since I was the first to see the developing water tornado were were heading directly for, I got to name it. I dubbed it : “Brussels”!

Don’t judge.

Then two more formed, making three waterspouts now crisscrossing the Caribbean, dead ahead.

Yep – we’re still heading straight for them. The Captain came down and told us not to worry, then crossed himself twice and bit into his own clenched fist as he left us. Funny boy.

Then the music (which had mercifully been changed to classic rock earlier) changed again.

First – AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”. Then CCR’s “Who’ll stop the rain?”

Finally, “My heart will go on” from “Titanic”.

Like I said. Funny boy.


3 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Random Ruminations – Brussels spouts edition

  1. Sounds like a regatta on Pontchartrain with my skipper saying, “But we’re in the lead—keep going.” (We survived; the lead didn’t.)

  2. “75-foot V-hull and not a catamaran”
    In these specific uses I can understand the use of multi hulls, particualy powered ones versus sailing multihulls but
    As a general rule I do not like boats that have more inherent stability upside down then right side up.
    That is the truth of multi hulls again more particualy when under sail.

    1. On the way out, i stood on the centerline of the boat and maintained a perfect balance by riding the waves’ motion.
      I was a bit surprised at how easily I maintained my balance as the boat pitched from side to side.

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