Poor Taste

My Dead Sinematic Senator Walking post originally had a different last word and featured image. I decided they were in poor taste and would undermine the post by being too sensational. I’ll post the rejected stuff at the end of this post thereby proving that they were in poor taste in the context of a post in which death was used as a metaphor.

That editorial process got me pondering what poor taste is. It’s in the eye of the beholder as is bad taste.

You say bad taste, I say poor taste. Let’s call the whole thing off.

A friend of mine posted the following on Facebook about Marvin Lee Aday d/b/a Meatloaf:.

The dead singer was a dedicated anti-vaxxer who became a Trump sycophant during his time on the Celebrity Apprentice. That made him a Trumper before Trumpism, a proto-MAGA Maggot.

Several people objected to any Meatloaf mockery because he had just died. The dread “don’t speak ill of the dead” notion was invoked. I only speak ill of the dead if they deserve it. Meatloaf deserved it for his pitiful Trumpiness and overall malakatude.

Additionally, Meatloaf had the worst stage name in show biz history. It’s like an Italian singer becoming Lasagna or a Greek crooner becoming Moussaka. Great comfort food dishes, terrible stage names.

When Bob Saget died, people marveled at the contrasts in his career. There was even an article in Slate called Who Was The Real Bob Saget?

People are complicated. I didn’t watch either Full House or America’s Funniest Home Videos, so I wasn’t familiar with Saget’s wholesome side. I did, however, know about his sordidly funny side because of his appearance in the movie, The Aristocrats:

Here’s how the Pop Culture Dictionary defines the joke behind The Aristocrats:

The Aristocrats is an infamously dirty joke. Its setup describes a family pitching an act to a talent agency that may involve bestiality, incest, and coprophilia (look it up). The agent asks what the act is called and the punchline is “The Aristocrats!” Because rich people? The point of The Aristocrats is its shock value, it’s taboo, duh.

That’s definitely in poor taste but it’s still funny, I won’t speak ill of the aristocratic dead unless they deserve it.

Repeat after me: Poor taste is in the eye of the beholder.

A funny thing happened when I was searching for The Aristocrats movie poster, this kept popping up:

I suspect there are those who think that anthropomorphized cats are in poor taste. I’m uncertain of Kitty Claire Trevor’s position on The Aristocats. Btw, Scat Cat refers to scat singing, not scatological humor, which is invariably in poor taste but often funny.

Another weird image popped up as I searched for The Aristocrats poster and dodged The Aristocats:

Now that’s in poor taste.

Repeat after me: Poor taste is in the eye of the beholder.

Finally, the rejected featured image for the Dead Sinematic Senator Walking post:

It might have been in poor taste for yesterday’s post, but it works in a post about poor taste. FYI, the phallically named producer of I Want To Live, Walter Wanger spent time in jail for shooting his movie star wife Joan Bennett’s suspected lover. He aimed for the dude’s, uh, wanger. Now that’s in poor taste.

The last word is the rejected last word for the Dead Sinematic Senator Walking post:

Repeat after me: Poor taste is in the eye of the beholder.