Publisher’s Note: Turn and Face the Strange

It’s time for a change at First Draft. Not in our content but in the appearance of the blog. It’s an experiment at this point so I’d like to hear what everyone thinks.

My goal is to make First Draft more reader friendly, which means moving away from the scroll-heavy traditional blog format. I hesitate to use the word modernize, but that’s what we’re doing. We are not, however, gentrifying.

The new theme is a work in progress, so there will be potholes along the way. I know from potholes: I live in New Orleans, after all.

The last word goes to David Bowie:

11 thoughts on “Publisher’s Note: Turn and Face the Strange

  1. A little weird, because there was no announcement ahead of time (that I saw). Thought I’d been diverted to another site when I clicked on the link from Eschaton. Looks like some other websites and easy enough to figure out.

    Verdict: Fine with it. Might even grow to like and prefer it.

  2. Nice that the prior stuff is presented in the new format, too.
    Looks good.
    (Plus ça change…Non, c’est bon!)

  3. I enjoyed seeing content and not just headlines on the front page, but I’ll get used to it. Thanks for all the great content!

  4. I too thought I was on another site, but once the surprise wore off, I am all in for your change.

  5. One reason for the changes is that many people come here from social media posts, not directly to the home page.

  6. I like when the next/previous scrolling to be above the comments, not below, in case I just want to read as opposed to read comments before reading.

  7. I always thought the scrolling was a kind of curation. Now faced with the wall of stories, I find myself paralyzed.

    1. They’re in the same order. Hopefully, you’ll get used to it. It’s boosting readership of posts beyond the first one.

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