Following Up

Image by Michael F.

Michael F is no longer with us every Thursday, but he lives on at his own joint. I thought his ghoulish image of Senators Cruz, Hawley, and Blackburn deserved to be followed up on as do the other items in this post.

Today’s post title evokes an old Fred MacMurray movie whose title I stole for a 2017 post as well:

Despite the best efforts of the Senate QAnon contingent, Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination is steaming ahead. The Man of La Manchin and Runaround Sue Collins have said that they’ll vote to confirm. Cruz, Hawley, and Blackburn got what they wanted out of the hearings: prime time appearances on Fox News.

Speaking of Tailgunner Ted, there’s a scathing piece in the WaPo about his involvement in the Dipshit Insurrection as well as his close ties to coup plotter John Eastman. Repeat after me: Ted Cruz Can Still Go Fuck Himself.

Another story meriting a follow up is the Will Smith-Chris Rock mishigas or as it’s known at Adrastos World Headquarters: A POX ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES.

Smith has apologized to Rock on Instagram. An apology on Oscar night would have been more effective. Smith could have turned the tables on Rock and asked him to apologize for the bad hair joke. But Rock has been uncharacteristically silent through the entire mess.

Stay tuned.

Speaking of turning the tables, a musical interlude:

After posting about the Oscar slap fest, I realized that I had already used the title The Slap Heard Around The World. It was last summer when some wingnut slapped French President Macron.

Macron proved that he can take a punch that day. He’s apparently spending a lot of time on the phone trying to talk some sense into Vlad the Terrible. It doesn’t seem to be working but I appreciate the effort, which reminds me of this old song:

On Tuesday I name dropped my father’s close friend former US and California Treasurer Ivy Baker Priest. Lou claimed that Ivy babysat for him when he was a kid, which she vehemently denied. I believed Lou: she was ten years older. He did it to get a rise out of her. It worked.

Ivy was one of my favorite Republicans back when such a thing was possible. She got a kick out of my being a liberal Democrat because it annoyed my dad. She introduced me as her favorite Democrat to then Governor Reagan at some event. He said, “I hope you get over it. I did.”

One more thing about IBP, her daughter Pat played normie Marilyn on The Munsters:

I paid tribute to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright last week. Retired diplomat and Albright protege, Cameron Munter, wrote a swell piece about her for Vanity Fair’s The Hive. The stuff about Albright and Czech President Vaclav Havel is to die for:

And she was witness to worlds colliding. Imagine, if you will, a cramped table at a bar in Greenwich Village, with Madeleine Albright, seated between Havel and Lou Reed, trying to translate their conversation: As she put it later, that’s when she understood the limits of her Czech language ability, but gained an appreciation for absurdity.

A reminder that the soundtrack to the Czech Velvet Revolution was heavy on Frank Zappa and Lou Reed. Here’s one of Reed’s most political songs:

In a word: scathing.

If you’re unfamiliar with the circa 1989 controversies Reed is on about, ask Mr. Google.

One more Munter quote for the road:

Because above all, Madeleine was comfortable with herself. She was sometimes criticized behind her back by members of the American foreign policy establishment, decried as a short, older woman—not an established academic heavyweight—full of ideas that sometimes seemed downright naive. Those of us who knew the situation on the ground in Central Europe in those years loved her for this. (After all, what was Václav Havel but a short, older guy, not an established academic heavyweight, who was himself full of ideas that seemed downright naive?)

The last word involves more following up. This rollicking Fairport Convention song slipped my mind last Friday.