Marshall Law?

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We already knew that Marjorie Taylor Greene was daft enough to confuse gazpacho with Gestapo but she also cannot spell. Among the 2,319 texts that comprise the Meadows collection, she wrote this:

“In our private chat with only Members, several are saying the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call for Marshall law.” 

Seth Meyers had a funny take on the text:

“That’s right—she spelled it like the name Marshall,” offered Meyers, before making a crack about the department store. “Now, in her defense, Marjorie Taylor Greene probably just confused martial law with Marshall’s law, which she violates every time she tries to bring more than six items into the changing room, at which point she’s escorted from the store screaming, ‘It’s my constitutional right to find comfortable slacks at a reasonable price!’”

What if it isn’t a conflation or misspelling? Which Marshall does she mean? Here are my candidates.

Chief Justice John Marshall?

General George Marshall?

Justice Thurgood Marshall?

Marshall Matt Dillon?

Marshall Raylan Givens?

Penny & Garry Marshall?

The most likely candidate is Heaven’s Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite.

I’m certain it’s not Marshall Crenshaw.

He gets the last word:

5 thoughts on “Marshall Law?

  1. Ah, give the kid a break. She comes from that younger generation who wasn’t taught how to spell; none of them know how to spell. They all depend on spellcheck, which we all know is useless, unless you already know how to spell.

    Her intelligence … well, that’s something else & like the saying goes, there’s no fixing stupid.

    1. I have no mercy for MTG just as she has no mercy for people like us.

  2. Owen Marshall, Counselor-At-Law? Marshall Thompson? James Marshall Hendrix?

  3. martial : relating to military (from the atlroman god Mars)
    marshal : title of various military, judicial, or law enforcement officials
    Marshall : name, probably derived from the title

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