Wasn’t Born To Follow Up

I’ve been writing about liars for too long. I’m not sure if the post title qualifies as a lie or a pun. Oh well, what the hell.

I am indeed following up on several recent posts. The news is a moving target. It can make one feel like a dog chasing a car or like the dude in the featured image from Samuel Fuller’s Underworld USA. It’s a great movie with a mediocre title: descriptive but dull.

We begin with my post about the junior senator from the Gret Stet of Louisiana, Call A Crackhead? It was featured in Mike’s Blog Round-Up at Crooks & Liars. There’s that L word again. It’s everywhere like this old cartoon character:

Why I’m posting a picture of a cartoon mouse is beyond me. Maybe contemplating John Neely Kennedy brings out my inner rodent if such a thing exists. I’m pretty sure that Newt Gingrich has an inner rodent. He is a rat bastard, after all.

I missed an obvious point in Call A Crackhead, which was pointed out in the reply below:

I must be slipping, y’all. Neely dog whistles so often that this venerable Tull tune applies:

I’m not quite done with Neely. This New Orleans tech type had some fun at his expense:

I hope that prank had the fake peckerwood senator’s staff singing this old blues song:

What’s one more telephone song among friends?

Now that we’ve beaten that subject to death, let’s follow up on yesterday’s post, Oath Keepers & Breakers.

I mocked the Oath Keepers after the Parkland School massacre in a post entitled The Oaf Keepers in words that apply even more 4 years later:

This declaration of war on the Parkland kids is one of the reasons I’ve dubbed this group the Oaf Keepers. They’re idiots with a skewed take on the constitution and modern civil society. One might even call them the real crisis actors since they always show up when there’s trouble (Ferguson, the Bundy Ranch) and make things worse with their oafish posturing. Unfortunately, they’re well-armed oafs who think they know best. They do not.

They’re now crisis actors who have provoked a constitutional crisis. They can go fuck themselves.

The Herschel Walker abortion story has opened a debate as to whether it will hurt his campaign. Washington Republicans and Christian Nationalists are backing the former Dallas Cowboy great. I’m waiting for them to trot out an ad with Herschel’s former head coach, Tom Landry, endorsing him from the grave.

I didn’t know that any pictures of Tom Landry sans chapeau existed. End of throwback, throwaway sports humor segment.

The reaction in Georgia has been more muted. The Georgia GOP wanted another candidate, but the Impeached Insult Comedian stuck them with this bozo.

The reaction from Walker’s son, Christian, has been devastating, especially since the lad is also a wingnut with grievances. His primary grievance is with his lying, cheating, and philandering absent father.

I realize that it’s fashionable to be cynical about the political impact of scandals because the Kaiser of Chaos has survived so many. There are indeed those who will stick with the likes of Herschel and Donald no matter what. A reminder that Trump lost the popular vote both times he ran for president and his party got swamped in the 2018 mid-terms. He’s not as bulletproof as everyone seems to think. I have a message for the Nervous Nellies out there from the late, great sportscaster Keith Jackson:

I guess I lied about the whole no more throwback throwaway sports joke thing. Oh well, what the hell.

Let’s follow up with the targets of this follow up post.  Donald Trump, John Neely Kennedy, Stewart Rhodes, and Herschel Walker are pussies. They should grab themselves.

The last word goes to The Byrds:


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  1. Is Senator Kennedy saying we should pay crackheads to be law enforcement officers? Doesn’t seem fiscally responsible to me, but maybe Kennedy knows more about crackheads than I do.

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