Blame It On Oprah

I’ve been going through the archives of my eponymous original blog this week. I went with a mom-and-pop company called Blog City, but they folded. I’d already phased out the Adrastos blog in favor of First Draft, so that part was okay. Instead of a full-blown blog, it survives as files on my hard drive. I had forgotten to move them from an earlier PC, so I did that on Monday. It made me feel tech savvy or some such shit.

I’ve focused on recovering posts about the Adrastos-Homan feud and adding them to the Adrastos Wayback Machine. My favorite sparring partner left this mortal coil last month and it’s been fun to relive our mutual abuse. Even in peak feud mode, there was something we agreed on. Neither of us could stand Oprah Winfrey, especially her status as a secular saint who was exempt from criticism.

In one of his weirdest posts, Homan claimed to have been impregnated by Oprah. I am not making this up. He was. I responded. He mocked me again as I said at the time like a snarky third grader. 2008 was peak feud.

In any event, we agreed on Oprah. In one of our last exchanges before his passing, we wondered why Oprah wasn’t being blamed for bringing Dr. Mehmet Oz onto the national stage. Sure, she doesn’t agree with his poorly formed Trumpist political views, but she made him a celebrity, which is why the Impeached Insult Comedian birthed his candidacy.

Trump likes celebrities. No Oprah, no Oz candidacy. That’s why I blame Oprah.

The latest idiotic comments from Dr. Oz occurred last night on the debate stage:

As a New Orleanian, I picture Mayor Teedy in a baby doc’s office yelling loudly at everyone. I’d love to hear her yell at Dr. Oz. It’s what she does. One has to play to one’s strengths.

That was amusing BUT to be fair LaToya Cantrell is pro-choice. That’s why goober wannabe Jeff Landry tried to use public works spending as leverage to get Orleans Parish to enforce the Gret Stet’s odious abortion laws. And that’s why he was malaka of the week last month.

I don’t favor placing Oprah in the stocks or anything that extreme. I just thought I should point the finger of blame where it belongs, at Oprah.

Repeat after me: No Oprah, no Oz candidacy.

The last word goes to Crowded House with a song in which Neil Finn points the finger of blame:

One thought on “Blame It On Oprah

  1. And that’s even before you get to the horror show that is Dr. Phil. I well remember when every waiting-room I was forced to inhabit was running “Oprah” on the wall-mounted tv, and it was unbearable. This was lowest-common-denominator entertainment at its cringe-inducing worst, and while kudos to a black woman who made a gazillion bucks, the cultural impact has been horrible.

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