A Brazilian Bozo No-No

Timing is everything. The pro-Trump Dipshit Insurrection took place on 1/6/2021 while President* Pennywise was still in office and Congress was in session.

The pro-Bolsonaro Bozo Insurrection took place on 1/8/2021 a week after Bozo left office and Congress was NOT in session.

Both insurrections failed but the Brazilian attack featured more vandalism by rioters who were denounced by President Lula da Silva as “fascist fanatics.”

The Dipshit and Bozo Insurrections are at the very least kissing cousins, make that cursing:

“Bolsonarism mimics the same strategies as Trumpism. Our January 8 – an unprecedented manifestation in Brazilian politics – is clearly copied from January 6 in the Capitol,” said Paulo Calmon, a political science professor at the University of Brasilia. “Today’s sad episodes represent yet another attempt to destabilize democracy and demonstrate that the authoritarian, populist radicalism of Brazil’s extreme right remains active under the command of former President Bolsonaro, the ‘Trump of Latin America.'”

Steve Bannon poured gasoline on the disinformation fire after Bozo’s defeat in October. He applauded the attack:

Along with other prominent Trump advisers who spread fraud rumours, Mr Bannon was unrepentant on Sunday, even as footage emerged of widespread destruction in Brazil.


“Lula stole the Election… Brazilians know this,” he wrote repeatedly on the social media site Gettr. He called the people who stormed the buildings “Freedom Fighters”.

Bozo was out of the country when the attack occurred. He was in Florida long a landing pad for right-wing populists on the lam. He was even spotted wandering the aisles of a Publix Supermarket:

Bozo must have felt at home. Publix heiress Julie Fancelli spent millions on the so-called Stop the Steal rally that was the prelude to the Dipshit Insurrection.

I should issue a disclaimer. I don’t speak the language so I’m not an expert, real or amateur, on Brazilian politics. I have Brazilian friends, so I care about what happens there. I’m also struck by the parallels between Trump and Bolsonaro. As a member of the New Orleans Carnival community, I dig this Bozo float:

That may be best described as an effigy. It’s much bigger than anything Spank has tried. We did, however, have this Trump whack-a-mole box in 2018:

I’m surprised that Endymion hasn’t invited Bozo to replace Mel Gibson as co-grand marshal.

Back to the post title. It’s long been rumored that a kid on the set of one of the Bozo teevee shows said “Cram it, clown” and Bozo replied, “That’s a Bozo no-no.”

Those killjoys at Snopes debunked the rumor twelve years ago but it persists; a testament to the power of a good story.

I learned something else in my research. One of the last TV networks to broadcast a local version of the Bozo the Clown Show was SBT in Brazil. That clown show was cancelled in 2014.

The President* Pennywise Show was cancelled in 2021.

The President Bozo Show was cancelled in 2023.

Let’s hope there’s not a reboot of either.

Since the Bozo Insurrection was thwarted, let’s close on a happier note. The last word goes to Airto Moreira.