Occam’s Razor Wept

On Monday evening CBS News broke a story alleging that back in November 2022 Joe Biden’s personal attorneys had immediately returned classified documents that had been found in a locked closet in an office he hasn’t used since 2019. There is no indication who the source for the story is.

Because our news media is always chasing after the story that requires the least possible effort, the rest of the story was reaction from people with the least amount of insight into what happened:  TFG, Kevin McCarthy, James Comer, etc. The rest of the article is a long recap of TFG’s document hoarding, as if it has any relevance to this story. It even goes into the whole BUT HER EMAILS stuff too, and why not, right? This is where I remind y’all that CBS hired Mick Mulvaney as a political analyst with the hope that it would entice more Republicans to come on the network. (Just a reminder that CBS was sure that a red wave was coming during the midterms and they wanted to be ready for it. LOLOLOL.)

Elsewhere, CNN’s new owners have spent a lot of time right-winging up the network and they got right on the story. The network had its own source who could report what Biden’s personal attorneys did. However, the new details really didn’t move the scandal narrative:

The classified documents were dated between 2013 and 2016, according to the source familiar. They were found in three or four boxes also containing unclassified papers that fall under the Presidential Records Act.

The vast majority of the items in the office contained personal Biden family documents, including materials about Beau Biden’s funeral arrangements and condolence letters, the source told CNN. It is not clear if the boxes with classified documents contained personal materials.

CNN spent nearly 2 hours Monday evening discussing how this development helped TFG and hurt Biden, despite the actual, you know, FACTS. The network updated its story on Tuesday after Biden responded to a question about the situation at a press conference saying he didn’t know how the documents ended up there or what documents they were. And don’t worry, it still goes into detail about TFG stealing documents, and contains comments from the insurrectionist crew that now leads the House.

It’s more than 24 hours after the story broke and we are still dealing with the same facts. There is no evidence for the histrionic takes that this story makes TFG and Biden even politically, or destroys the DOJ’s case against TFG for stealing government documents. I don’t expect the next set of details to implicate Biden, either. It’s time for everyone to calm down stick to facts.

It’s time to adopt a policy of truth.

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  1. A day contains 24 hours, during part of which the sun doesn’t shine. So night and day are the same thing, right?

  2. Well, ya know, this absolves trump absolutely. Both sides are guilty so both sides have to be forgiven. Lettuce & onions are both vegetables, which mean they are exactly the same.

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