Saturday Odds & Sods: Adrastos Abides

It’s Krewe du Vieux Day. It’s the day on which Saturday Odds & Sods is cut to the bone. Shorter Adrastos: I’ve got other shit to do, man.

I can, however, post a Kinks song, man

The Krewe of Spank’s theme is Bowling For Trolls. It takes aim at a certain bigoted local music and bowling impresario whose initials are JB; not to be confused with this guy:

It was my original idea ably executed by my talented Krewe mates. Special thanks to Greg, Lara, and Wendar for making it come alive but not like Peter Frampton. I’ll leave him out of it except for this song:

Let’s circle back to the featured image. The home office decreed that one of the Spanksters should play The Dude. I volunteered. The Coen Brothers Dozen was either foreshadowing or a tease, I’m not sure which.

In the process of Duding myself up, I learned that there are official Dude costumes. Who knew? I opted for the robe look instead of the bowling sweater look. I’m glad it’s supposed to be chilly: The Dude wig is hot on the head. I have a big head, so I needed a wig consultation to make it more comfortable. Thanks, Jeanne.

I’m not a method actor. I loathe vodka, so I won’t be drinking White Russians. Unlike The Dude, I like The Eagles:

Glenn Frey disliked The Big Lebowski as much as The Dude disliked The Eagles. Holy mutual antipathy, Batman. I like them both.

Repeat after me: I am not a method actor.

I’m wearing the same bowling shirt that my Krewe mates are rocking. I’ve always been an advocate of a cohesive look for the Krewe, so I wanted to live up to my own ideals such as they are.

If you’re in New Orleans, Spank will be marching in the 5th position. The parade starts at 6:30 P.M.

Krewe du Vieux abides.

I wrote about this year’s parade route earlier this week. It gets the last word.

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