Sunday Morning Video: HBO’s Treme Does KdV

I had hoped to resume the Sunday Dozen this week but an aching back has limited my computer time. Oh well, what the hell.

Instead, the Sunday Morning Video is back with a vengeance. In 2010, I wrote a post about the then Krewe of Pan recreating the 2006 Krewe du Vieux parade, Confessions Of A Carnival Parade Recreator, which was republished last May as a Story Time post.

Allow me to quote the post I linked to last Sunday: Confessions Of A Krewe du Vieux Member.

“Two years after Ashley’s tragic death at the age of 45, we recreated that march for the HBO television series Treme. John Goodman’s character, Creighton Burnette, was loosely based on Ashley. His rants came from Ashley’s blog, but they made Creighton a vlogger because watching a large man type is rotten teevee. In case you’re wondering, the producers paid Ashley’s family for the rights to the posts used.”

I hereby pledge not to use Confessions Of as a title hook in the future. I don’t have much to confess, y’all.

Our featured video is a clip from HBO’s Treme that shows what was then called the Krewe of Pan in action: