Sunday Morning Video: Krewe du Vieux 2023

Photograph by Lara Desmond.

It’s Carnival. It’s time to make my life easier because even though we’re NOT entertaining, living inside the parade box is time consuming. That’s a roundabout way of saying the Sunday Dozen will just have to wait until I have more time.

Instead, we have an impressively professional view of Krewe du Vieux from a dynamic duo whose YouTube page is called The Misadventures of Team AJ. It gives you a chance to see the floats that disturbed me in context. Some in KdV were not happy with my post, Spank 2023: That’s Not How We Bowl. So it goes.

Team A.J. has filmed other parades, click here to peruse them.

Ladies and gentleman, live from Faubourg Marigny, Krewe du Vieux 2023 with Spank in the sixth position: