Federal Defendant Trump

There’s a ritualistic aspect to writing about the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian’s legal woes. I called my second post after the indictment in the porn star payoff case Defendant Trump. I usually dislike repeating myself. In this instance, I do not. Federal Defendant Trump, it is.

Trump’s entire life has been a soap opera with an overlay of farce. He loves attention and he’s getting it. Bigly. Team Trump is frantically raising money off the second indictment. There will more chances for them to do so in the coming months as a state indictment in Georgia and another federal indictment in DC seem likely. The spell is broken. We’re the sort of country that indicts former Oval Ones now. It’s about damn time.

Gerald Ford has been lionized in some quarters for pardoning Tricky Dick. I believe he made a terrible mistake in not breaking the taboo that has been shattered by Alvin Bragg and Jack Smith. It cost Ford the 1976 election; more importantly it inspired the belief that presidents were above the law and that Nixon may have been right when he told David Frost:

That’s why the featured image is of the two most corrupt presidents in American history. They’re very different people: Nixon was intelligent and able. The Kaiser of Chaos is neither. The fall of Nixon was like a classical tragedy whereas Trump’s is a dramedy featuring an absurd leading man with a dead nutria pelt atop his head. It’s more like Veep than The West Wing; neither Trump not Nixon is anything like Martin Sheen as Josiah Bartlett. We need more Bartletts and fewer Trumps. Obvious but true.

I’m not in a celebratory mood this morning. That came last night with my Trump Indicted: I Told You So post. To paraphrase the band Chicago, this is only the beginning, only the beginning. It’s like the first act of a play or the pilot episode of a teevee series. You’ve heard of a limited series. This is a limitless series.

As of this writing, the indictment remains under seal, so its scope is opaque. Trump’s trusty mouthpiece Jim Trusty said on Fox that witness tampering is one of the charges. It will be interesting to learn how many witnesses were involved. My hunch is that Mark Meadows is among them and is likely to be one of the star witnesses in the case. Stay tuned.

The initial Republican reaction has been predictable. They’ve circled the wagons but given the clowns involved it’s more like Blazing Saddles than a John Ford Western. Farce is in the air:

Does anyone really care what Gym Jordan, Tommy Tuberville, The Louse, and KMac think? The MSM does. We’ve had enough talk of the Republican base in the last seven years. I’ll scream if the NYT does another Trump diner piece. I’m channeling Rhett Butler on this shit:

The NYT’s Peter Baker is my favorite media punching bag. I’ve mocked him here, there, and everywhere. To my surprise, his post-indictment news analysis piece is good. He focuses on the irony that the guy who ran against Hillary’s emails is embroiled in a similar but much worse scandal. Projection is the Kaiser of Chaos’ jam.

Baker doesn’t mention karma, but I will. Karmic payback is a bitch; nobody deserves it more than the Dipshit Insurrectionist in chief.

The last word goes to Warren Zevon:

UPDATE: The indictment was unsealed while I was otherwise engaged. I’ll take a whack at it on Sunday or Monday. I’m Trumped out.