I Found My Thrill On Capitol Hill

Tuesday was quite the day on Capitol Hill. Matt Gaetz, desperate to pull some kind of stunt to make himself the heir apparent to walking pile of garbage that is the governor of Florida, announced he intended to file the paperwork to force a vote to vacate the Speaker’s chair and to depose Kevin McCarthy. I have to confess that I didn’t expect him to go through with it, and I also fully expected the vote to fall short. But I was wrong.

Our Fearless Leader covered the news as it happened. After that, McCarthy announced he was not going to run for Speaker again (sparing us another Groundhog Day voting cycle), and he teased resigning his seat. I hope he does—good riddance. Here’s a piece of poetry which can serve as our farewell to him:

Could this really mean that this is the end of that dweeb’s political career?  Please oh please oh please.

House Republicans were having a normal one in the aftermath of the vote. Some of them were praying on the House floor, and at least 1 member was crying. I wish I could muster up some sympathy for them, but all I have is a variation of “leopards, faces, OMG NOT MY FACE!”. Oh well.

Another Republican coping mechanism was to blame it all on the Democrats:

I wish that the Democrats would use their mind control powers on recalcitrant Senate Dems who won’t eliminate the filibuster instead of making House Republicans dump McCarthy.

Oh, so you know that he’s Very Serious About Governing, one of the first things Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry did was to kick Nancy Pelosi out of her office with a Wednesday deadline. Pelosi is in San Francisco for the activities around Dianne Feinstein’s funeral. Every House Republican is a petty, stupid, vindictive black hole of self-loathing.

A first term representative from Florida decided to draw her line in the sand:

Bless her heart. I found that kind of hysterical. I can’t help feeling she’s going to be really disappointed next week.

Never let it be said that The New York Times’ correspondents missed an opportunity to praise the wrong people for the wrong things:

Finally, in a lesson we can all learn about how the mighty have fallen, here’s giant-killer Gaetz’s departure from the Capitol on Tuesday:

Obviously none of this is good news for fans of functioning governments, or the people who live under those governments. The deadline to avert a government shutdown is creeping closer, and the eventual Speaker is going to have a mountain of work in front of them to get the funding bills passed.

The The can take it from here.