The Scalise Files

The least surprising political development in recent memory is happening: Steve Scalise wants a promotion from Majority Leader to Speaker. He’s not going to let a little thing like cancer get in the way of his ambition.

The Advocate and Punchbowl News report that Scalise is already working the phones. In fact, the newsletter pukes seem punch drunk over the prospect of a Scalise bid:

“House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has already made an extensive round of calls seeking endorsements for speaker. He’ll meet with the Texas Republican delegation today (other candidates may, too). The 25 Texas votes are the biggest prize out there for House Republicans. Scalise already locked up the endorsement of Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas).

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the powerful Judiciary Committee chair and a conservative favorite, is making calls and sounding out supporters. It could get very interesting very fast if Jordan, who is aligned with McCarthy and being pushed by some of his allies, enters the race. A Jordan-Scalise speaker race would be one for the books.

Both Scalise and Jordan will have trouble capturing moderate support. So another centrist candidate may emerge.”

I knew someone worse than Scalise would run but I didn’t expect Gym Jordan to throw his jacket in the ring. He wouldn’t be the first wrestler to be Speaker, Denny Hastert got there first. Since Hastert is a convicted perv, Jordan isn’t likely to mention that.

Scalise has a precedent he’d prefer to duck as well. Scalise holds the seat once occupied by Bob Livingston who was the last Gret Stet pol to run for Speaker. He had to withdraw because of his zipper issues. Speaking of zipper issues, David Vitter held that seat before polluting the Senate; David Duke ran for it against Diaper Dave.

Since I wrote three posts and watched GOPers bloviate yesterday, I need a break. So, I thought I’d share some old posts about the mendacious man from Metry.

The Scalise Files are arranged in chronological order:

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The last post mocks an editorial in the local rag urging Scalise to challenge KMac for the speakership. It looks as if Scalise’s time may have finally arrived. His campaign slogan could be: Better Than Jordan. That’s the best a creep who once described himself as “David Duke without the baggage” can do.

The last word goes to Iggy Pop:

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  1. Since Hastert is a convicted perv, Jordan isn’t likely to mention that. Everybody else will.

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