The Right To Die and the Death of Right

Jeb Bush’s attempts to meddle in one family’s horrendous tragedy took a beating in the courts this week:

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a law that was rushed through the Legislature last fall to keep a severely brain-damaged woman hooked up to a feeding tube against her husband’s wishes.

The debate over “Terry’s Law” reminded me rather powerfully of the debate over abortion, in which one side aligns itself with “life” thereby characterizing its opposition as deathmongering monsters. We saw one group of blowhards after another, from the lowest tent preachers to the entire Florida State Legislature, glom onto this woman’s story and use it to get a few minutes of TV face time for themselves.

And in this case especially, the real issue was not who loves life and Jesus and apple pie. It was about who you want making your medical decisions. And I don’t know about you, but the absolute last person I want making my medical decisions is the governor of my state, backed by some of his pet bloviators in the legislature and whichever lobbying group can best paint its opponents as Dr. Kevorkian.