Warm Fuzzy Thanksgiving Story

Go Mom:

HARTLAND, Mich. – Yvette Boulton wants her son to get a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal before he’s deployed to Iraq ā€” so she’s trucking the feast 761 miles to Fort Bragg, N.C.

Boulton will be on the road 13 hours so she can feed her son, Army Cpl. Jordan Keilman, 22, and 14 of his friends.

The soldiers must remain within an hour of base so they could be called to Iraq, where many already have served once. Keilman fought in Iraq from September to February.

“I said `I’ll cook, and you boys sit around and watch the football game. Just pretend you’re at home,'” said Boulton, 47, who is an assistant for a law firm.

What are y’all’s Turkey Day plans?