Nothing to See Here, Move Along

From Holden:

The Navy says that the actions recorded in images depicting apparent abuse of detainees by Navy SEALs were actually all in a days work:

Preliminary findings of a military inquiry suggest that some of the recently published photographs of navy special forces capturing detainees in Iraq were taken for legitimate intelligence-gathering purposes and showed commandos using approved procedures, a navy spokesman said Monday.

He cited as an example a photo in which a uniformed man is holding the head of a prisoner to pose him for a picture for “identification purposes.” A gun with an attached flashlight is being used to illuminate the detainee’s face for the photograph, Bender said.

In another photo, a commando standing with upraised fists next to a detainee is using hand signals to communicate with other troops who do not appear in the image, according to Bender.

The two photos are part of a larger group of mug shots of detainees, whose faces were blacked out in the pictures posted online. Some drip blood, which experts on the law of war said was not by itself a sign of abuse. It was unclear whether the detainees resisted capture by navy special forces.

Images found at Truth Out.