Ladies, this sucker is just beggin for a serious discussion with a load of brick

From Tena:

Roger Hunt, the state legislator who sponsored the bill, doesn’t think there’s much chance of that happening.

“A lot of this discussion about back-alley abortions are myths that were created,” said Mr. Hunt, a 68-year-old Baptist lawyer, who said he’s never seen reliable statistics on illegal abortions. “The fear that we’re going to have women dying in coat-hanger abortions are largely figments of the imagination.”

Mr. Hunt also does not think much of the complaints that the bill is too restrictive — it would allow abortions only if the life of the mother were at risk. Doctors who perform abortions would be subject to fines of $5,000 and jail terms of up to five years.

In drafting the law, Mr. Hunt said he avoided an exception for threats to the mother’s health because pro-choice advocates would seize on it to perform abortions on women with emotional, psychological or even financial problems. “It would be a barn door large enough to drive any abortion through it,” he said.

The same goes for exceptions in the case of rape and incest. “Three months later, a woman could go into an abortion clinic and say she was raped,” Mr. Hunt said. “Who’s going to force her to prove it? It would be a fraud on the system.”


Mr. Hunt even sees economic benefits from banning abortion in South Dakota, noting that there are an average of 800 of the procedures a year. If those babies had been born, the state wouldn’t be facing the same demographic crisis of falling school enrolment in rural areas and economic decline, he said.

ok, here it comes:

And it would be a boon to adoptive parents. “People are going to Asia, Central and South America to adopt children? Why not have them adopted here?”

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There’s something here for everyone – you can start with his statement that “back alley abortions are largely figments of the imagination.” That’s enough to enrage a lot of women. But he keeps right on going, right through rape as a goddamned “excuse” to “let’s use these young white girls as baby factories.”

And that’s where I step to you, Mr. Hunter. I could explain to you in exquisite detail just how fucking cruel it is to make a young girl carry a baby to term and then give it away. I could tell you how it changes that girl forever. How it does something to her that can never be undone. But you do not fucking care – you made that clear already. So the only thing left is this, and I don’t care who this pisses off – you and I have a serious serious issue between us. Pray to that Satanic fucking master of yours that you never ever meet me face to face.