Heckuva a job…….

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From WaPo

NEW ORLEANS — How many contractors does it take to haul a pile of tree branches? If it’s government work, at least four: a contractor, his subcontractor, the subcontractor’s subcontractor, and finally, the local man with a truck and chainsaw.

If the job is patching a leaking roof, the answer may be five contractors, or even six. At the bottom tier is a Spanish-speaking crew earning less than 10 cents for every square foot of blue tarp installed. At the top, the prime contractor bills the government 15 times as much for the same job.


But watchdog groups that monitor federal contracting say Katrina has taken the contract tiering system to a new extreme, wasting tax dollars while often cheating companies at the low end of the contracting ladder. In some cases, the groups say, companies in the top and middle rungs contribute little more than shuffling paperwork from one tier to the next.

“It’s trickle-down contracting: You’re paying a cut at every level, and it makes the final cost exponentially more expensive than it needs to be,” said Keith Ashdown of the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense. “And in almost every case, the local people who really need to be making the money are at the bottom of these upside-down pyramid schemes.”

This is why NOLA residents say they aren’t seeing the $85 Billion which Bush touted to the nation while chiding Katrina victims in January…..

“But I want to remind the people in that part of the world, $85 billion is a lot, and secondly, we were concerned about creating additional federal bureaucracies, which might make it harder to get money to the people.”

Now we have federal bureaucracy AND umpteen layers of private contractors preventing money getting to the people. Well the people of Katrina at least. Heckuva Job Asshat