Freepi Fun

Yeah, this base is energized like whoa …

6,000 is a joke. This bunch just doesn’t think things through. The Mexicans and Marxists are laughing at him.

Bush could care less about our border security. He is apparently obligated to others in this regard.

The City of Houston has 7,000 cops. W can’t assign more than 6,000 Guardsmen to a 1900 mile border? The reason he won’t assign more is because this is not a serious attempt to secure the border but a dog and pony show.

Why do I keep saying ‘NO SH*T SHERLOCK’ at the Tv?

But there’s always one person willing to stand up for Dubya:

Anyone know if 24 is going to be on tonight?

Or not.

Edit: For a serious conservative bitchfest, check out this RedState post. Hysterical.