Mean Jean Is A Liar

From Holden:

Yeah, I know — water is wet.

But there’s a bit of a flap ongoing in Ohio over this photo on Rep. Jean Schmidt’s campaign website.

One of Schmidt’s write-in opponents, Nathan Noy, claims the photo purporting to show Schmidt crossing the finishline of the Columbus Marathon in 1993 is a fake, pointing out that Schmidt casts on shadow in the image. Schmidt’s spokesman responds:

Joseph Braun, an attorney representing Schmidt, denied that the photograph is fake. He produced what he said was an official race results book, listing Schmidt as the fifth-place finisher in her age group with a time of 3:19:09 — three seconds slower than the time depicted in the photograph.

However, the results published by proves Mean Jean is a liar (Note: Schmidt was 42 in 1993, thus she would have been running in the “Female Masters” category for women of age 40 and older).

Sorry, I blew it. Below are the results form the 2005 race.


1. Lyudmyla Pushkina Gainesville, FL 40 2:29:56

2. Connie Gardner Medina , OH 41 3:09:55

3. Pattie Lucking Cincinnati, OH 45 3:14:52

4. Kelly Brielmaier Cincinnati , OH 40 3:16:09

5. Barbara Wildermuth Columbus, OH 41 3:18:03