Turkey Attacks Iraq

From Holden:

Before we get to Turkey, please be sure to read Juan Cole’s analysis of the Republican Congressional Report on Iran in which he points out (as have others) that this very Assministration revealed the identity of a CIA agent working on Iranian WMD issues thus crippling our ability to gather intelligence on Iran’s weapons program.

Now, back to the topic: via Prof. Cole, Turkey bombs Northern Iraq.

Turkish airforce jets on Thursday struck in northern Iraq, bombing bases believed to be operated by the separatist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the Cihan news agency reports. The PKK which is banned in Turkey had earlier appealed to the population in the villages in Iraqi Kurdistan, near the Turkish border, to leave the area, predicting military attacks by Turkey and Iran. The separatist group also said it had proposed some sort of truce to Ankara.

Turkish military officials stated that the F-16 jets which took off during the night had inflicted serious casualties on the PKK, the agency reported, adding that ground operations are continuing along the Iraqi border.


The U.S. government is looking into allegation of Kurdish reports of a joint Turkish-Iranian operation against the PKK in northern Iraq.

Speaking in Baghdad, spokesman for the U.S. and its allies in Iraq Maj. Gen. William Caldwell stated that there had been shelling in northern Iraq. “I’m not sure exactly where the shelling came from. So I’d be hesitant to say exactly who was responsible for it,” the US general said.