Freepers on the UN Address

Link, should you choose to venture there:

[Before the speech begins] …I’m going to listen to Rush for a better than this nonsense.

Amazing the growth of this President. Sober, serious, wise. This is a heartfelt speech.

Bush is sticking it to the leaders of the Muslim world!

I hope a cd comes out after his final term that gives his best speeches – I’m sure this one will be among them!

Poland’s speech will be great, as well. They are wonderful allies to us.

Godspeed to this president; we’ll never have another like him.

Oh, Freepers. May you never change.


8 thoughts on “Freepers on the UN Address

  1. His speech was magical. I expect peace, freedom, and democracy to transform the Middle East by supper-time.

  2. Godspeed to this president[‘s quick exit]; [God willing] we’ll never have another like him.

  3. It would be my fervent prayer that we never have another like Bush, if I did any praying. I mean, who could stand the sudden surge towards democracy and peace that follows the man where ever he choses to speak?

  4. i am looking forward to the post-global-warming day when parched, miserable freepers come crawling to my ice truck in the 200 degree heat, and i charge them double.

  5. “Godspeed to this president; we’ll never have another like him”
    Godspeed the SOB straight out of office and let us pray we’ll never have another like him. Dear God.

  6. wow. now that is GAY! i am shocked they haven’t all volunteered for a monica job.
    slurp slurp.

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