Have To Admit

It’s getting better.

A little better,

All the time (Can’t get no worse).

More than 2,660 Iraqi civilians were killed in Baghdad in September, according to new Health Ministry figures _ 400 more than the month before despite an intensified U.S.-Iraqi sweep aimed at reining in violence.


So far, October has brought no relief. A U.S. soldier died Wednesday from a roadside bomb while patrolling in Baghdad. That brought to 40 [now42] the number of Americans killed across Iraq the past 11 days _ a pace not seen since the U.S. attack on the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah in November 2004.

Three car bombs in different parts of Baghdad and attacks elsewhere in the country killed at least 14 Iraqis on Wednesday. Bodies of 11 suspected victims of sectarian slayings were found around the southern city of Kut, while police in the northern city of Mosul discovered the beheaded corpse of a priest.

No cumulative figures for Iraqi deaths in October have been released. But several times this month, police have reported finding 50 to 60 bodies dumped around Baghdad over a 24-hour period, suggesting the bloodshed has not waned.