Power to the Peaceful

Blogger Ray in New Orleans has posted a great video made by Gordon Soderberg from New Orleans Voices for Peace. It features the relief work being done in New Orleans by the Iraq Veterans Against the War.

There are interviews with Iraq and Afghanistan war vets. They questioned why we’re fighting in Iraq with so little being accomplished there when so much needs to be done on American soil. In New Orleans the vets group worked on the home of a Vietnam War vet. What I found particularly interesting is that they talk about how therapeutic it is to go to New Orleans and help in rebuilding after fighting in Iraq. As one said it was far more helpful being with his brothers and sisters “to help out our brothers before us” than is talking to therapists about PTSD.

This is a long video (40 minutes) but I’d suggest taking the time to view it.

You can view the VIDEO HERE at Ray in New Orleans’ blog.—–

2 thoughts on “Power to the Peaceful

  1. I got to New Orleans two days after Katrina hit, I’ve spent the last 15 months providing direct relief and assisting grassroots organizations with Internet communications. I have found it to be the most rewarding and therapeutic work I have ever done for myself and for other vets. I highly recommend it!
    The video is available on DVD for $20. $10 from each sale will go to Iraq Veterans Against the War and their IVAW Deployed project. go to neworleansvfp.org to get a copy.

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