Friday Catblogging…Beanie Baby Bandit nabbed

Police in Piedmont CA were stumped by dozens of Beanie Babies showing up again and again in the yards of 2 residents…

Now, police in the tranquil East Bay city think they may have identified a suspect: Gertie, one of the family’s cats, which was caught on a surveillance camera carrying the furry toys in its mouth.

A felonious feline? Maybe not. Two-legged creatures might still be involved, police said.

“The cat was caught on tape, but we don’t know if it was moving the Beanie Babies from the location where somebody put them,” police Capt. John Hunt said Thursday.

Michael Clancy, 55, who owns 7-year-old Gertie, said Thursday that he still wants to know where his cat got the Beanie Babies. “They’re not going into Toys R Us, and they’re not ordering them off the Internet,” Clancy said.


Police told Clancy to keep his cat inside. He did, and there have been no more incidents, Detective Tom Kincaid said.


4 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging…Beanie Baby Bandit nabbed

  1. Arrest that cat! Er…keep that cat under house arrest.
    Oh wait! Could it be a Festivus miracle?

  2. No, arrest the person who abandoned the Beanie Babies. They belong in the hands of people who will love them. The cat was simply trying to find them a good home. Good kitty.

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