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Credit where it’s due:

In escalating this war with a so-called “surge” of troops, the President would be overriding the expressed concerns of Generals on the ground, Secretary Powell, the bipartisan Iraq Study Group and the American people. Colin Powell has said that placing more troops in the crossfire of a civil war simply will not work. General John Abizaid, our top commander in the Middle East, said just last month that, “I believe that more American forces prevent the Iraqis from doing more, from taking more responsibility for their own future.” Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff have expressed concern, saying that a surge in troop levels “could lead to more attacks by al-Qaeda” and “provide more targets for Sunni insurgents.” Once again, the President is defying good counsel and common sense.


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  1. The real thinking behind the current events in Iraq:
    #1 – execute Saddam Hussein.
    #2 – clear US troops from the streets allowing Sunnis’ to earn the label “bad people”
    #3 – “surge option” increase the number of US troops to kill the “bad people.” Of course, all the while hiding behind Iraqi troops for reasons of “appearance.”
    #4 – the ethnic slaughter of Sunnis is complete.
    #5 – though still tenuous, the Shi’ites and Kurds coexist reasonably peacefully. But, hatred of the US rages throughout Sunni regions of the Arab world.

  2. Anyone who studies warfare knows that “good” wars are won quickly. The surest way of knowing that you have lost a war it is when news story about your war start with the word “meanwhile.”
    “Meanwhile, in Iraq…”
    Iraq War = Meanwhile War

  3. some professional commentators note: “Obama is a blank canvas, people see what they want” which evokes overactive imaginations.. and is addressing the wrong sense.
    Truth is: We hear what we want to hear… and we’re not making it up.

  4. Very good words, Obama.
    Oliver adds after the Obama’s quote:
    I’ve seen opposition from Biden and Edwards as well. Not Clinton, however. This may be the first major clash of the new political season, and a major test of the 2008 Democratic candidates – they should remember the last time they went along with this president it led to the Iraq War.

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