4 thoughts on “Happy Kerry Photo

  1. That Fox asshole was squirming and sweating like a pig. He even used the third grader excuse “But, mom, everybody does it”! two more years.

  2. That was REALLY Great! I wish that some reporters would ask certain politicians on the right those kind of questions

  3. Thank you. You made my day.
    Even looking at it without emotion, the stature of the US has fallen dramatically in the last 7 years – no doubt a large part due to the “quality” of the so-called “diplomacy.”
    Do we want to continue sending out so-called “diplomats” who have no qualifications and depend on bullying to represent us? (Bolten comes to mind).
    ON the way to work today, I was just listening on how the confidence in intelligence regarding North Korea was not as strong as initially reported (my best Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise). The bottom line is that we then bullied N. Korea, got kicked out / broke off diplomatic relations, refused to talk, and now the situation is much worse.

  4. The scumbag will probably get confirmed, but good on Kerry — a little late in the game — for showing the outrage that all of us felt in connection with that awful stinking load of bullshit. Bush’s nominating this guy for an ambassadorship is just the kind of juvenile “neener, neener” sort of gesture that I would expect from a man of his character.

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