Sure plays a mean pinball

Oh brother. Tommy Thompson stated he would nominate Colin Powell as his Secretary of State. Wow bold new idea there. Of course he’s not talked to Powell about it.

Meanwhile according to a new Badger Poll, WI’s favorite son isn’t favored in WI…

Giuliani had the highest favorable rating among Republicans at 64
percent, beating out Thompson at 58 percent. John McCain came in a
distant third at 16 percent.

Here’s Scout’s Badger related poll question:

At present who is more embarrassing to Wisconsin?

A) Tommy -I didn’t hear teh gay question-Thompson

B) Ann -the Onion Rings are Vaginas Althouse

Your Answer?

(oh and Gore lead in favorability among Dem candidates in that Badger Poll)

5 thoughts on “Sure plays a mean pinball

  1. Y’know, back when I was a teenager – in the dark ages of the late 50s and early 60s, lots of us girls(!) wore circle pins. They were gold and simply a circle. Boys would come up to us and poke a finger into the circle and say, “nyah, nyah, you’re not a virgin.”
    Ann looks a bit younger than that particular era, but I don’t think adolescents have changed much. It IS true, however, that some adolescents never become adults…

  2. that’s why the better onion rings are limp.
    wait, that the wrong symbol.
    AA is from wisconsin??? sigh. up there with mccarthy i suppose.
    tommy fucking thompson basically rode clinton’s economy. like that comic that followed seinfeld.

  3. Ann Althouse is far, far more embarrassing.
    Everyone expects that Tommy Thompson will say stupid things. But Ann Althouse? She’s supposed to be sooooo smart, and she has the depth of a sheet of gold leaf.
    Could be worse. The Ole Perfesser could live here, too.

  4. That’s a no-win question. At least Thompson has no chance of winnning the nomination and will fade into deserved obscurity after this.
    Althouse will just implode violently. I hope she vidoes it…

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