Please, Please, Please

I’ll never ask for anything else for Christmas ever again:

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Wagering on the outcome of the Conrad Black fraud trial is a risky proposition, as lawyers representing the former media baron and three co-defendants present widely divergent versions of events in their final statements to the jury.

Judge Amy St. Eve promised jurors at the close of the trial’s 14th week on Thursday that they will begin their deliberations sometime in the early part of week 15, cementing her stance in a firm talk with the lawyers in the case.


Black, Atkinson, and two other former executives of Hollinger International Inc. stand accused of defrauding the one-time Chicago-based newspaper publishing giant out of $60 million as they lined their own pockets. All are also charged with tax cheating, and Black is accused of racketeering, obstruction of justice and abuse of company perks.


2 thoughts on “Please, Please, Please

  1. Black played fast and loose with the law, having lost track of the difference between himself and God’s Very Own Asshole.
    Adios, Conrad. You worked hard to elevate Bushco to power, and now you can join the rats in the sea. Funny how those little claws are useless once you lose the traction of your lies.

  2. I’ll never ask for anything else for Christmas ever again:
    So if KKKarl and Darth and Chimpy go on trial, you won’t ask for anything?

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