A, I’ll see your shark and raise you one USS Helena

Today marks the ninth year since I left active duty. Funny. Doesn’t seem that long.

I guess time flies when you’re an America-hating, traitorous, godless, al-Qaeda-loving, communist liberal.

I think I’ll do something fun to celebrate today.

5 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. I think I’ll do something fun to celebrate today.
    As a godless, commie, liberal, terr’ist you could raise taxes, or collectivize farms, or use your dirty fucking hippie ray-guns to make all fetii gay in the wombs of Christian mothers…you know, just normal DFH shit.

  2. Where you stationed on a sub or inside a sperm whale? That looks eerily like black skin, not metal.

  3. Didn’t think about it until you reminded me, Jude. On Apr. 3, it’s been 20 years since I left the Navy. 20 freaking years!
    Joining the Navy was the best decision I’ve ever made.
    Did some interesting things, saw some amazing sights. Got shot at by a North Korean gun boat, blew up a couple of Iranian oil platforms, met a LOT of nice young ladies in over a dozen foreign ports. But it’s been twenty fucking years!
    The Navy has changed. My first ship is at the bottom of the sea, relegated to target for the Australian Navy. Women serve aboard combat ships now (not a bad thing, just different.) Saw firsthand the cost of our Middle East policy when my ship went to help the USS Stark after it got bombed by an Iraqi Exocet missile.
    My rating is gone. It’s been swallowed up by the Computer Age. I was a Navy Radioman. First to get all the good (and bad) news. Had clearance to cruise the military ‘internet’ during those interesting Reagan years.
    I served during Reagan’s game playing with the Iranians. Believe it or not, Saddam was our ally then. Supposedly. it was peacetime when I served but saw a lot of pain and blood anyway. On the USS Stark, I saw what the human body looks like after rocket fuel melts the bulkhead around it. I don’t think anyone can appreciate peace like a warrior whose seen the bloody cost of war.

  4. Congratulations, my friend. Would buy a round or two for you if I could.
    Barring that, I’ll raise a glass of Duvel in your direction from the patio of my favorite Indian restaurant in Nashville.
    Hope it’s as lovely 10 hours north as it is here.

  5. I did my 4 years, 68-72, on the USS Duluth. As viet Nam was the war of the day spent most of it in that area of the world. I was thankful to be on a ship with a place to sleep and relatively good food after bringing on Marines that had spent months in country. I think my rating is still there but probably not real popular…Gunners mate (GMG3). Passed my E5 exam but they wanted me to extend my enlistment to pick it up…not for this kid! I wanted out!

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