Happy Howard Photo: Hell to the Yeah Edition

I can see your ass getting kicked from here!

Because this is pretty much it:

“The Republican leaders have made their choice. They want to stay in Iraq and deny our kids health care,” Dean said in the party’s weekly radio address.

That’s it. That’s the dynamic. That’s the GOP’s winning formula for 2008 and every year they continue to drag along behind the Bush bandwagon hoping for scraps from Preznit 24 Percent. That’s what they’ve got to work with, and it’s about damn time the Democrats hung it around their necks and left it there to rot.

Oh, and not for nothing, but bite me, AP. Dean “lashes out” at GOP? Somebody denies a kid health care in Howard Dean and the Democrats’ country, they’re damn well gonna get lashed out at. They damn well deserve being lashed out at. They damn well should bend over and take it without your implications that he’s somehow being unreasonably pissed. Jesus tits.


11 thoughts on “Happy Howard Photo: Hell to the Yeah Edition

  1. There are things to “lash out” at and there are things that don’t merit that treatment. You can tell what kind of a person someone is by what makes him or her lash out.
    Lashing out because someone dares to criticize the President when he lies, that’s considered perfectly acceptable by the MSM.
    Lashing out because people are so heartless as to deny health care to sick and injured children while demanding that ever more money be given to fight an unnecessary war, that’s way out of line, as far as our corporate masters are concerned.

  2. Molly Ivins had a great column not long after the 2004 election stating how Dubs would be a huge drag around the rethuglicans necks for many years to come. She had a great anecdote about how to teach a chicken killing dog to stop killing chickens. Basically you ties a rotting chicken carcas around the dogs neck and make him live with it for a long time, and he’ll be so sickened and miserable he’ll never look at another chicken. I’m thinking we’re seeing this now, because of Iraq, S-CHIP immigration and evry other damned thing…
    OK, at least I’m hoping that’s what’s happening. I can’t be too sure, since he is at an unbeleivably high 24% STILL.

  3. What the braintrust which is the American mainstream media doesn’t seem to understand is that, when Howard Dean “lashes out” at the GOP over the issue of healthcare, he speaks with some authority because, you know, he used to be a doctor (and his wife still is).

  4. and, because dean actually succeeded in bringing health care to every child in vermont when he was governor. without bankrupting the state or surrendering to the french. with a model that could be expanded to cover every citizen of vermont, or for that matter, the country.
    too bat that dean, like kucinich, is such a kook.

  5. I’d rather a “kook” (as you put it) who actually GIVES A SHIT about this country and her citizens than selfish, deliberately ignorant, AWOL, money-grubbing, war-mongering, alcohol/drug addicts such as we have now. If Kucinich and Dean are “kooks”, that’s fine by me. At least I know I will have a government to count on.
    Kooks over Kool-Aid!

  6. But to pay for healthcare we would need a real economy and not one where the Bush friends just get their war bucks and screw our troops.
    The defense industry boondoggle is the untold story these days, really.

  7. All the people crapping on Speaker Pelosi (the MOST progressive Speaker in US history) should take a look and realize that this whole SCHIP effort is her main accomplishment this Fall.
    SCHIP is political gold for 2008 — centrist, but shines a bright light on WHO EXACTLY is the problem in our country.
    Speaker Pelosi is also the main reason why ENDA is going to get a GLB and T reminder in the coming weeks. Though it will be vetoed, it’s the sort of standing up for basic values (domestically) that will redraw the lines that the other party has tried to rub out with their naked lying asses.
    1,000 rollcall votes and counting, the Speaker has already broken the all-time record. If the Senate was even a little stronger, her work would be more appreciated. The Senate with its 75 willing DINO-R Bushovics and 25 loyal Democrats is like a huge sponge soaking up a LOT of good will and hard work in the House.
    If only they would stop Mukasey, we have a chance. Amost Halloween — Feinstain and Robberbaronfeller don’t need masks.

  8. Being ME of course, I feel guilty to be ‘abandoning’ any of them. From the babies who were so happy to get out of the cage, to Louie, who I know will be happier in a one cat household. I feel like I’m letting them down somehow. On the other hand, Alan and I are not happy with living with all this feline fighting and peeing, the endless housework to keep the hairballs down to the size of baseballs, and the five litter boxes we clean twice daily. We need to be happy too. Or yours truly will end up once again…

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