13 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. I can hear him thinking back there. He knows I’m the decider. He’s just jealous. I know he has his tongue out. Damn German!

  2. Not a caption, but would it be too much work for the fuckingPresident of the United States to manage to refrain from pouting in public?! To steal your phrase, A, Jesus tits.

  3. Monkeyfister finally gets his wish, when Death allows a retroactive Soul Swap in exchange for a healthy, living Isaac Hayes.
    George loses his friend, the Man With The Yellow Colostomy Bag.

  4. HK: “Ah, it’s SO nice to be able to relax, without having to worry about being sent to The Hague…zzzzZZZ”
    GWB: “Yeah, easy for you to say.”

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