Quitting Time Booster Shot

Welcome to the QTBS, where we have never, ever, grabbed Wolverine’s nut sack…

– I don’t know anything about the movie“The Hood Chronicles” but I suddenly want to see it.

Wisconsin’s governor requires all of us at the U to take a furlough of 8 days a year if his budget gets passed. Yes, that includes professors, which makes no sense. I wonder if I can take them all during finals week…

This was one of the saddest things I’ve read in a while. It’s more proof that if you have a job, hang on to it for dear life. There are no guarantees.

– Conversely, this pisses me off. Anna Quindlen decides that she should gracefully exit because there are all these good, young people out there bursting for jobs and she should step aside. Uh… No… You should gut up and decide you’re going to be ten times better than you are right now and 50 times better than those idiots are and ride the column until you CAN’T do it well any more and they pry it from your cold, dead hands. That’s what good journalists do.

– And here I am worried that the Midget will rat me out for cursing at another driver. Just goes to show, it could always be worse…

– First, ARod, nowManny? What’s next? The Queen’s horse tests positive for doping?Ooops…

Goodnight, Dom. Sorry you never got your due…


– Three organizations with a vested interest in not helping anyone are fighting against one organization with a vested self-interest in seeing more ethanol integrated into gasoline. Hmm…which group of scummy weasels to believe… Not to sound mean, but doesn’t the federal government own every group and organization that’s involved in decision at this point? Can’t it just do what parents do with kids: “You two, knock it off or I’m coming up there and you won’t like it!”

– From the “Is there such a thing as a ‘love you crime?’” file: The folks in Massachusetts are extending hate-crimes protection to homeless people. Given the state of the economy, it’s likely to have far-reaching implications. Seriously, though, should this even be an issue? At what point can we finally say: “Look, you, the well-paid, quasi-religious, straight, white guys. You can kick the shit out of each other but nobody else.”

– Quick show of hands: When Bush trumpeted hydrogen-powered cars in 2003, how many people saw this coming?

– From the “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss” department: FEMA is still screwing over the state of Louisiana. From the brain trust:

Nonetheless, FEMA wants its trailers back, even though it plans to scrap or sell them for a fraction of what it paid for them.

“All I can say is that this is a temporary program, it was always intended as a temporary program, and at a certain point all temporary programs must end,” said Brent Colburn, the agency’s director of external affairs. He said there would be no extensions.

Stay classy, FEMA. May the trailers not reek like a smelly pirate hooker when you get them back…

– And finally, what would LeBron do? Obviously not whatthe kid in dunk #4 did. Ouch.

Thanks for letting me share your air. Be back next week.


6 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. My buddy had his home destroyed by a tornado in the late 70s and he lived in a government supplied emergency trailer for awhile. When the temporary program expired, the government offered to sell the trailer to his family for one dollar. The costs of storing and transporting those trailers back to government possession is more than the cost of just writing them off but don’t count on a bureaucrat to figure that out, especially as they want to teach a lesson about responsibility by repossessing trailers by spending more money to retrieve them than they are worth. Good luck with that.

  2. The ethanol and fuel cell links are both related in that they are both dead ends. The real energy solution lies in developing a very, very, good battery.

  3. ooooh. So full of win:Seriously, though, should this even be an issue? At what point can we finally say: “Look, you, the well-paid, quasi-religious, straight, white guys. You can kick the shit out of each other but nobody else.”

  4. I agree with you about Anna Quindlen! At VibrantNation.com we don’t think making room for young talent means that women 50+ have to silence themselves or retire (which is just what the marketplace has been telling us for years). We’re so interested in what vibrant women like Anna Quindlen have to offer that we’ve offered her a job … http://www.vibrantnation.com/stephen-reily-flash-forward/2009/05/14/anna-quindlen-too-old-for-newsweek-but-not-for-vibrant-nation/

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