10 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. Well, I have to admit, the “Balloon Boy” saga was kinda cool, because the balloon flew right over where I work.
    Did I see it?
    No, I did not. Sigh…
    That said, Balloon Boy is looking a lot like a hoax after the family got interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, and the kid said something about it being for show, and the dad got WAYYYY defensive when Wolf asked a followup about it. Me, I got suspicious when I heard the family had been on Wife Swap not once, but TWICE.
    That said, I think they would have gotten a gazillion times more attention, and far less worries about legal trouble, if they’d just let the balloon fly and wait for the 8 million UFO nuts to alert the media.

  2. Unfortunately, RE: balloon boy, I have the impession that the news personalities (notice I did NOT say reporters or journalists) are really hoping for a kid to fall down a well so they can go to 24 hour live coverage.
    As for the product review, if dog food rates so highly, does that mean that folks are taking a taste before feeding their pets (as opposed to the elderly who can’t afford dentures who eat it because they must )?

  3. Adrastos, they were going to go w/”Millennium Falcon” but thought it a bit OTT.
    Nothing wrong with Falcon, just something wrong w/a family that lets the kid play in attics and allows the possibility of going off in a balloon – oh and that goes on the show “Wife Swap”…yick!

  4. I had the same thought you related in “B”, regarding the Balloon Boy Saga. I could tell right off that the balloon wasn’t big enough to lift a 6-year old kid who would weigh what, around 40 pounds?
    What really surprises me is that not one person in the press thought to investigate this angle, if only to allay public fears about the boy’s safety.
    Ah, but that would be the end of a good story, so why would they want to do that, when they could keep on milking it all day? This of course assumes anyone in the press had enough intelligence to pose the question, which is pretty doubtful these days.

  5. Hey doc,
    If it’s the right kind of piece of plastic and I’ve got one, you can have the next one for SASE. Just sayin’.
    Balloon Boy was a PR stunt by the folx. As a member of a CERT unit and a former member of the regional government council committee charged with budgeting for fire/rescue training for VFDs in 27 counties, I gotta tell ya, these idjits committed felony theft sending all those search vehicles out to look for what might’ve been a splattered child.
    And if you don’t think it was the chance of seeing a falling / splattered child’s carcass and being able to howl about the tragedy that drove the coverage, you’re too naive to critique the media. In fact, you’re too naive to watch the tv news.

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