Oh Yeah, the Resemblance is Uncanny


It doesn’t surprise me that long time hacks like Lamar Alexander and Sean Hannity would go into concern troll/hissy fit mode re: the Obama administrationstating the obvious, neither does it surprise me thatprofessional prissies like Jake Tapper would haul water with such enthusiasm…but listening tolibrul NPR parroting the line was a bit of an eye opener for a provincial like myself.

Geez, what a bunch of, I was going to say good losers, but good losers almost implies some kind of fight, at least initially. This is more like the political equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome, with long term librul Villagers vying solely for the title of who can say “Nixonian” loud and long enough.


Shit, attacking Pox News is as close to a sure thing as you can get, at least if you’re not hopelessly trapped in perpetual inside-the-beltway loserdom, which seems to be their default position/mode…even AFTER progressives (more or less) won, resoundingly, TWO national elections. First, it’s VALID criticism, it rallies the base, it sets a tone, it puts Pox on the defensive, it’s also a tried and true tactic. The fact that the librul Villagers don’t understand this is testament to their having been a little too comfortable for a little too long, even as they’ve inculcated a perpetually subordinate mindset.

They’re totally blind to the fact that the wingers whom they envy are now despised by most of us out here…

6 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, the Resemblance is Uncanny

  1. Nixon *did* propose a single payer health care system, the similarities just keep getting more uncanny. Nixon never released his long-form birth certificate, either…

  2. The first is just a corrupt tool of Goldman Sachs that lied about most of his intentions of what to do when he got into office.
    The second was an actual crazy person.
    They are both shitbags, though. So really not worth the distinction.

  3. pansypoo has it. Being called out in public is exactly like being audited by the IRS. Buncha big-talking wimps.

  4. Well, don’t laugh too loud. The other “news” media are only inches ahead of Fox.
    Yeah, I didn’t stutter, you think Fox is bad, you really need to sit down with a NY Times or a Washington Post and analyze it. Hey, same old shit day after day is not an accident. Search their back issues, say about the time that Three Mile Island caused the airlines to run nonstop flights for the rich to LA. Oh, nothing there.
    Well, look at those first class in depth interviews in “Arabic” with the families of the plane crashers. Oh, nothing there. Box cutters, yeah, they can write about box cutters, they can write about WMD and what a screaming pair of geniuses the pimp and his president were when they lost NO. Yeah, make fun of Fox, pat yourself on the back for reading some intellectual piece of shit. It is all a waste of paper and perfectly good trees.
    There is no NEWS, there is only propaganda.
    If net neutrality doesn’t hold and you aren’t willing to die in the streets to protect it, bend over and kiss your ass goodby.

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