Cold Rain and Snow

It’s been very cold this week by our standards in New Orleans. No, it’s not Minnesota or Wisconsin cold but we have had two freezes with more to come. It may not be as cold as Chicago but our houses aren’t built for under 40 degree weather; they’re designed to stay as cool as possible in the summer, which means that even with central heat, baby it’s cold inside.

My circa 1920 house is raised off the ground and has high ceilings, which means that I’d be warmer if I could sleep on the ceiling. I have a bad case of Spidey envy right now. And our wood floors are *almost* frigid tonight because there ain’t nothing underneath them except for the wintery air. Trust me, if I liked the cold I’d live somewhere else…

The tourists have been complaining the last few days about how cold and windy it has been in the Quarter but my only response is, “it’s January.” My winter NOLA travel tip to friend and relations (very rarely the same thing) is to be prepared for temperatures ranging from 30 to 80. In short, look at the weather on the internets and, for chrissake, bring a fucking coat and don’t wear flip flops when it’s 42 degrees and damp, damp, damp.

Anyway, I’m cold tonight but not as cold as some of my readers who have to “run out in the cold rain and snow” like, say, the Del McCoury Band or the Grateful Dead. That’s right, this post was a feeble excuse to post two versions of one of my favorite wintery tunes:

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8 thoughts on “Cold Rain and Snow

  1. Hope your water pipes don’t freeze. I’ve been letting a couple of faucets run as slow a drip as I could get by adjusting the tap.
    My house also has a pier foundation…brrr…about half of it lacks a subfloor (the remainder has one because at some point laminate was overlaid on top of the original wood.)

  2. adrastos, do you have / can you get a ceiling fan to circulate warm air back down?

  3. I like the cold. As anyone who lives here would tell you, it kind of feels like a jip when the temps move back into the 80s by February. I used to work in the hotel business and field phone calls from future guests wanting to know what the weather was like. I’d tell them it was hot and humid in March and they’d swoon. Made me want to hit them. But then lots of things made me want to hit tourists in those days.

  4. Busiest season for plumbers in NOLA: overnight freeze season. Came home from vacation once to find the ground floor flooded from the one small bit of unwrapped, exposed pipe that was connected to the outdoor faucet on the side of the house. Everyone’s pipes had burst, and getting a plumber was a bitch.
    Also (now that I’m all growedup and no longer live in NOLA) I miss the kindly warnings from the nightly news: “It’s going to freeze tonight folks, so get those plants and pets indoors”. That meant I had to put on some shoes and get my ass outside to bring in my mom’s plants from the porch and backyard.
    Sigh. Now that I live in the northeast, I miss those NOLA winters.

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