Four Time Loser?

Where would internet wise asses like me be without hypocrisy? Nowhere, man. Speaking of hypocrisy, that well-known proponent of “traditional values” and foe of gay marriage, Rush Limbaugh tied the knot (In his case a noose) for the fourth time recently. Rushbo not only believes in marriage, he believes in divorce. Apparently, traditional values are for peons, not plutocrats like Limbaugh.

Compounding the hypocrisy, one of the most famous married (or in a civil partnership) gay men in the world, Elton John, performed at the reception. For a price, for a price. Mr. John’s fee for private events runs from between a cool million to an even cooler two million. Proceeds go to the pop star’s charitable foundation. Some have criticized the artist formerly known as Reg Dwight for tickling the ivories for the homophobic windbag but I think he pulled a fast one on the pudgy pundit. He’s re-exposed (if such a word exists) Rush’s hypocrisy and gotten gobs of money for AIDS related causes. For his part, Rush doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks: he’s always right as far as he’s concerned. Far right.

And now for your entertainment and perhaps even edification here are Keith Olbermann and Michael Musto having a bit of fun at Limbaugh’s expense. Hmmm, I wonder if Rushbo did the bouncy, bouncy thing to B-B-B-Benny and the Jets? The mind reels…

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7 thoughts on “Four Time Loser?

  1. Thankfully, Mary Matalin’s husband, James Carville, was there. Good thing he’s a Democratic consultant, always on CNN representing us liberals. Just like his old boss, Bill Clinton, is a big union supporter.
    Bleh. The Village really is a small, small place.

  2. I find it particularly nauseating that pundits are repeating the useless tidbit that Ms Rogers, the newest model of Limbaugh’s wife, is also a direct descendant of President John Adams. Who gives a shit?

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