Friday Catblogging: Oscar Meets The Star Head

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Oscar's favorite toy

6 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Oscar Meets The Star Head

  1. Jude says:

    Funny. I don’t feel invincible.
    (Yes, that’s an old-school video game joke. Choke on that, MMORPGs.)

  2. liprap says:

    Twinkle little star, my foot. This feels fuzzy, not twinkly.

  3. liprap says:

    Also: They flew me to the moon, but I don’t feel like playing ‘mongst the stars. I need a nap.

  4. pansypoo says:

    cat naps happen.

  5. Maitri says:

    Della: “Iko Iko … I’m trying to turn Oscar into a bowl of tuna but it just won’t work!”

  6. “I’d like to thank the A-Cat-A-Me…”

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