Vitter Lies and Runs Again

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We all know that Bitter Vitter is not only lying sack of shit but a coward. His entire public career has consisted of smearing others and then running like hell for the exit. Who among us can forget his driving off in a panic after the DC Madam story broke? It reminded me of Daffy Duck’s shtick. Daffy panicked when confronted with danger and either went batshit crazy or ran like hell. Vitter always runs.

The story of Brent Furer came back with a vengeance in Baton Rouge today. Vitter was at the Secretary of State’s Office to qualify and had to face reporter’s question. The self styled fearless “conservative leader in the Senate” cowered and lied when reporters asked him about his knife wielding former aide. I’ll let the video speak for itself. It looks, however, as if I’m back on the Bitter Vitter story. Oh well some things in life are inevitable.

3 thoughts on “Vitter Lies and Runs Again

  1. Vitter strikes me as a lamer version of Joe Scarborough, without the dead intern on his record…

  2. Unfortunately, this story will gain traction with no one but us out here in liberal blogistan. That damned diaper/prostitute story should have spelled the end for him, but noooooo.

  3. Vitter most reminds me of a chickenshit version of Tricky Dick: very smart, very devious. Unfortunately, Mothra, you’re right. The only way Vitter will lose is if Melancon can somehow peel off some conservative women voters. A problem for him is that he’s unknown in North Louisiana.

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