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  1. Just when you begin to think “Idiocracy” wasn’t a documentary, something comes along to challenge that assumption.
    “… it is obviously your a foggot.”
    Three syntactic or spelling errors in one six-word clause.
    It’s nothing short of amazing that alcoholism isn’t a much greater problem among public-school teachers.

  2. There are a couple good ones on that site.
    “Missing Missy” and “Simon’s Pie Charts” are hilarious.

  3. Love it starting from the “your a foggot”. I take it this person isn’t an english major?
    On a tangent, about the ship’s officer under investigation for his video, why is there nothing in the news talking about the problems with DADT – that if anyone on the ship was “in the closet” wouldn’t this video be highly harassing and the person being harassed couldn’t even complain?
    Not to mention that the video could easily be seen as sexual harassment of females on the ship as well as a clear sign that there was no reason to complain about any sexual harassment on the ship, as complaints would be heard by the guy making the video?

  4. Maple Street, sounds like home schooling to me. Every restroom that I was in in lower school had the word spelled correctly.
    The fact that sexual harassment would not be reported is a lot more important than you imagine.
    When I was in Vietnam, I was given a briefing on the correct reaction to witnessing a war crime. It would go up the chain of command to be decided.
    The catch-22 was that I witnessed three separate massacres of unarmed Vietnamese. All of which I am positive were ordered directly by the Major General in II Corp.
    To report a war crime I had to go to the person that ordered it, the Major General in command of II Corp.
    Until all reporting of violations of legal matters is totally removed from control by the career military, nothing is going to change. There is absolutely no reason to allow any government agency of any sort to investigate itself on any matter of criminal behavior.
    To pretend that the military or the government agencies can and will follow the law is an insult to the intelligence of any american.

  5. That website is the funniest thing I have seen in years! I almost got a headache from laughing so hard.

  6. he has extra stuff available from his twitter feed, and check out the navigation bar for even more

  7. I laughed out loud from the top of the page to the bottom.
    Did you catch the subject lines in the last four e-mails?

    Subject: tarded
    Subject: Re: tarded
    Subject: dneck
    Subject: Re: dneck


  8. It’s what I like about these Real Murikans. They start out at the intellectual level of Neanderthals (and that’s probably an insult to Neanderthals), and descend from there…
    And why are there SO MANY of them in this country?

  9. Anyone else think that George Lewis is a fake? I started getting suspicious toward the end…
    Which is not to say that the whole thing isn’t funny. Because it is.

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