Pulp Fiction Thursday: Pulp Kinkiness

This cover isn’t politcally correct but it’ *is* hilarious so here we go:

Satan was a lesbian

2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Pulp Kinkiness

  1. MapleStreet says:

    There has got to be a good back story to this.
    Goggle locates a lot of sites about this, but I still am trying to get my mind around what the story might be.
    The closest I’m getting is remembering in the 60s that it became hip to refer to God as She but I don’t remembering anyone trying to claim Satan. And there is the past tense “was” in the title.
    As you can see, I’m quite curious and feel I’m missing something obvious.

  2. pansypoo says:

    the BITCH!

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