Obama Single-Handedly Surrenders America to Radical Islam

Quoth Zombie Andrew Breitbart:

Obama left precious little time to address the civil war in Syria or the threat of a nuclear Iran. He gave several pages to assuaging the feelings of radical Muslims angry about a YouTube video; he provided a few sentences to the question of what to do about a nuclear-armed Iran, saying only that “time is not unlimited” for talks.

Yes. What he should have done was tell people to make stupid fucking YouTube videos in attention-seeking maneuvers. For free speech.

I am just about done equating people waving their e-penises around with First Amendment martyrs. There is a vast difference between standing up for one’s rights in the face of actual persecution, and deliberately setting shit on fire so as to complain about the amount of time it takes for someone to sound the alarm.

Are people allowed to draw stupid cartoons of Muhammed and make offensive videos? Sure. But it’s entirely possible to separate “allowed” from “the president of the United States needs to encourage it from the podium at the UN or else he hates the freedomz.”


5 thoughts on “Obama Single-Handedly Surrenders America to Radical Islam

  1. Erick Son of Erick, Mustache Bolton, et al, are also upset about his call for tolerance of all religions. See, he said “slander” wrt Islam, but “desecrate” when it came to Jesus, so he’s an appeaser Muslim. Or something.

  2. Even after 200 years in a land with a Constitution / Declaration of Independence / etc. teaching tolerance (for that matter, more than 200 years to get back to William Penn). Look at what we do in the name of religious bigotry.
    Even though Judaeo-Christianity includes heroes such as the revolt of Antiochus Epiphanes, Masada, and I can’t remember the ruler’s name but the ruler who wanted to put a statue in Jerusalem and the Jews lined up in the road and were killed one by one.
    Even as vehemently as we would respond to the idea of an invader army peeing on American Corpses and running an Abu Ghraib style hotel.
    Against the background of the USA invading Iraq and Afghanistan (admittedly, the later could be attributed to capturing OBL only Bush said he didn’t think much about OBL) someone in the USA makes and posts scenes of desecration of religious items. Portrays the blood-thirsty Muslims in a “real” video that was made by actors who didn’t know the intended use of the film.
    Against the enlightened people of Tennessee who put out pigs next to a Mosque and try to get it closed down. Ditto for the enlightened people of NY who can’t bear the thought of what sounds like a Moslem YMCA being built in the delapidated area a few blocks from Ground Zero.
    And we’re surprised that they might be upset? and that the movie may grab the attention of those who are already angry? And we forget the USA born and breds who not only desecrate Mosques, but open fire in Mosques (or even worse in other religious houses cause we can’t be bothered to tell the difference between a Sikh and a Moslem).
    Of course, I first have to determine that this wasn’t exactly the intended effect.

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