Blind Fox News Squirrel Finds Nut

God, can we please stop treating Fox News’ Megyn Kelly like she’s some kind of goddamned hero or something?

So this is where we are? A female Fox News anchor calls her misogynist colleagues’ views about gender roles a bunch of sexist bullshit — which they are — and we’re supposed to cheer for her? Give me a fucking break.

Megyn Kelly is your typical Fox News hack. Like every other conservative out there, she only manages to find her spine (and voice) when something personally affects her. Jon Stewart called her out on this BS the last time she pulled her “I am woman, hear me roar” schtick; that was waaay back in 2011 when she lashed out at radio host Mike Gallagher for calling maternity leave a racket. Yes, good for her. But I also remember Megyn Kelly pilingon during the whole Sandra Fluke flap. I guess Kelly doesn’t need to worry about her brith control co-pay.

What initially pissed me off about the video of Kelly taking on Erick Erickson and Lou Dobbs was the way she prefaced her statements with, “I’m not a feminist but …” God I hate that dodge. You’re a woman in broadcast news and you’re not a feminist? Well why the hell not? What the hell is wrong with being a feminist, anyway? Anyone who prefaces a statement with “I’m not a feminist but …” is telling me they’ve bought into the whole right-wing framing of the word: “feminazi,” “man-hater,” “ugly shoes,” and the rest of the ugly baggage they’ve tried to saddle feminists with.

Also: if you’re calling bullshit on your male colleagues’ sexist remarks? Then yeah, you’re a feminist. So stop pretending you’re not.

But you know what, I was wrong. Megyn Kelly is no feminist. She’s just another self-centered conservative narcissist who only speaks up when she feels personally insulted. She’s no hero to women. She had no problem following Fox News’ marching orders during Republicans’ pre-election War On Women. And a part of me wonders if this whole Erick Erickson-Lou Dobbs-Megyn Kelly thing wasn’t staged and scripted from the get-go in the first place.

So stop telling me Megyn Kelly is some kind of “feminist wonderwoman.” She’s not. She’ll be back attacking women for the Republican Party as soon as her handlers give her the word.

2 thoughts on “Blind Fox News Squirrel Finds Nut

  1. Thanks for this. I read constantly about her courage, or whatever, but noticed she kept her job at Fox News. I would salute her if she wasn’t a major part of a fake ‘news’ organization that is doing so much damage to everyone everywhere.

  2. “I guess Kelly doesn’t need to worry about her brith control co-pay.”
    Well, why would she?
    1.) She’s a Cath-O-Lick and CAN’T be a slut, it’s against their ROOOLZ*!
    b/..9) She’s MARRIED, so she can’t be a slut!!
    d.) She’s a reptilican, so she can’t be a SLUUUUUUUUUUT!!!
    That’s all ++GOOD; cuz, if she was a non-KKKristian, liberal, pagan hoor, well, y’know…
    * Also, too, D-I-V-O-R-C-E, is against them rooolz, but she prolly still goes to church and takes the eucharist–thus damning her soul for all eternity by soopersizin’ her mortal sinfulnessosity.

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