Sen. Flaming Bag of Dogshit is All Butthurt Over People Asking Questions

How dare journalists question his stance on disaster relief after a disaster in his state:

Funding questions show the crassness of Washington over the sensitivity we need for Oklahoma.

Oklahoma does, indeed, need “sensitivity.” They also need money. Lots of it. In quantities you really only want the federal government to be able to distribute with all due speed.

And I fail to see how it’s insensitive to ask when the damn money comin’ given that serving his constituents is Coburn’s entire goddamn job. This is what politics IS, making decisions about what money goes to what. If reporters were haranguing this nice lady and her dog, I could see the issue, but Tom Coburn is in government, he should get used to people speaking to him about things that matter.

Was Coburn flattened by a tornado recently? Did he lose everything he had? Is his car in the neighbor’s tree? Christ, what, are we supposed to observe a moment of silence for his ears having been assualted by the sound of words?

The commenters are even unkinder to his follow-up effort:

How about the crassness of our Oklahoma politicians who would limit the needed help to our fellow Oklahomans, only to make a political point. If a vote for additional aid helps one person, it is worth it, even of it slightly elevates our debt. To limit it is what is crass…

Funding questions show the crassness of degenerates like you. Not Washington; you. It is you, Senator, who needs to focus on recovery and not play dirty politics in the midst of tragedy. Shame on you, Senator. We all know what you really care about, and it is not your constituents.

Its absolutely unconscionable for you to say that any funding for disaster relief should be offset,sen. vote for the funding stop playing politic, and s the people in Oklahoma need tornado shelters I think its despicable for you Politicians to not have shelters for the schools you all are shameful


One thought on “Sen. Flaming Bag of Dogshit is All Butthurt Over People Asking Questions

  1. Are you all satisfied, now, you libruls? You made Sen. Dr. Coburn cry! Heartless bastards. The only thing that will make him feel better is more tax cuts for his wealthy pals. And lower SNAP benefits for all you librul moochers.
    Why don’t you just go sit in the corner, and think about what you’ve done to poor Sen. Coburn?

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