America Held Hostage Day 14


I’m Surprisngly Wild About Harry: Who injected LBJ serum into previously mild mannered Harry Reid? Harry is leading the Democratic negotiating team and is showing a spine of steeland not the cheap prefab kind but the real deal. He understands that the Dems have a strong hand, so he’s trying to get the sequester cuts rolled back. Even if that doesn’t pan out, it can be used as a bargaining chip to end this preposterous crisis.

Sunday Show Blues: The ball is currently in the Senate’s court but it’s about to bounce back to the House. Little Lindsey was yet again on Sunday morning teevee. He and Senator Walnuts live for the Sunday shows. Anyway, Little Lindsey was on ABC’s This Week with my diminutive countryman.Little Lindsey wept some crocodile tears about poor, poor pitiful Speaker Boner:

“Here’s what I’m worried about a deal coming out of the Senate, that a
majority of Republicans can’t vote for in the House, that really does
compromise Speaker Boehner’s leadership,” Graham said. “And after all
this mess is over, do we really want to compromise John Boehner as
leader of the House? I don’t think so.”

“So I’m not going to vote for any plan that I don’t think can get a
majority of Republicans in the House, understanding that defunding
Obamacare and delaying for a year is not a realistic possibility now.”

I’m not sure why they keep having Lindsey Graham Cracker and Walnuts on the Sunday shows as GOP spokesmen. They have absolutely NO FUCKING CLOUT with the wingnuts. The wingers see red, they see red, they see red in the old school sense of the phrase when they contemplate the 3 Amigos of 2008: Walnuts, Little Lindsey and Holy Joe. Lindsey can’t help seal a deal, all he can do is flap his yap.

Life Is A Wingnut Cabaret Or Is That Minstrel Show? Around 200 or so teabaggers held a a protest in DC aimed at showing their outrage over mean old President Kenyan Mau Mau Nazi Marxist’s guvmint shutdown. More crocodile tears were shed for our veterans by people who wouldn’t know public service if it bit them in the ass.

Ted Cruz, Mike (I’ve always wanted to be a pirate) Lee and Sarah Palin were there and pretended that the Cubo-Canadian Senator from Texas was an innocent bystander when it came to the shutdown. Everything is Reid and Obama’s fault. If the sun doesn’t shine tomorrow, it’s their fault and on and on and on…

When the protest reached the White House there was at least one Confederate flag in the crowd. Here’s a picture posted on John Aravosis‘ twitter feed:


The teahadists have a mighty strange way of “honoring” our veterans. It’s obscene to have a Marine Corps flag next to a flag that stands for secession, slavery, racism, and historical ignorance. I’m surprised there weren’t any “re-enslave Obama” signs in the crowd.

One of the speakers in fact was former malaka of the week, Larry Klayman, who delivered a characteristically vile rant:

One speaker went as far as saying the president was a Muslim and
separately urged the crowd of hundreds to initiate a peaceful uprising. “I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent
revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president
leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees,
and to figuratively come out with his hands up,” said Larry Klayman of
Freedom Watch, a conservative political advocacy group.

The whole “Obama should surrender” thing is one of Klayman’s greatest hits. It also sounds like a threat that should be investigated by the Secret Service. Dubya faced many protests during his misrule but I don’t recall any protesters demanding that he surrender to a mob. I guess we should be grateful that the marchers didn’t burn a cross outside the White House as a part of their “peaceful protest.”

It’s really time for everyone to call these fuckers what they really are: unpatriotic racists. As a student of the two American red scares and veteran of the post 911 hysteria, I am usually loathe to question anyone’s patriotism. But enough is enough: these bastards are willing to destroy our economy and government to further their extremist ideology. If that’s not unpatriotic, I don’t know what is.

At the risk of repeating myself, I wish everyone would stop calling these cretins “conservatives.” Conservatives believe in small government, these nutjobs believe in no government.They’re right wing anarchists who are out to inflict as much damage as possible in order to “take our country back.” If they’re not stopped from controlling the House of Representatives, there’s not going to be anything worth taking back.

3 thoughts on “America Held Hostage Day 14

  1. “Get off his knees…” Uh, isn’t kneeling also a traditional posture of Christian prayer?
    And you said there were 200 people there (a DC TV News clip I ran across talked about hundreds of voices…) Isn’t 200 people in DC a mid-sized tour group? For that matter, for $20 per person, you could easily “hire” 200 homeless for $ 4,000 to yell and scream.
    Does Honor our Veterans include honoring our veterans who aren’t of northern European descent?
    Seriously though, the repubs seem to have been able to capture the TV talk circuit. Meet the Press, etc. etc. I’ve wondered before – it is a good way to get your message out, but is that a core competency for being a legislator? Do the talk shows detract from them doing their work?

  2. on the plus side – judging by the “S” hastily inserted into “REPECT” – they seem to be getting better at proofing their signs.

  3. The Confederate Flag flown in “support” of what they once called the army of “Northern Aggression” is particularly ironic, not that they’d ever grasp that.
    But…what is pretty easy to grasp is that “Muslim,” “Kenya/Kenyan,” “Quran,” and every other slur is, yeah, a substitute for the word they’re all thinking of but must never say…which causes Rush Limbaugh to have a massive sad, except for when he childishly, gleefully kept repeating it a couple of months ago just after the Trayvon Martin trial.
    Yep, they’re all obsessed with ye olde n-word, and how horribly oppressed they are by not being able to say it. Aw…(SFX sad trombone)…

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