Battle of the Bulge: Erickson’s War on Masculinity Nonsense

The war on Erick Erickson: 

For all the talk of a “War on Women,” there has actually been a war on masculinity for a few decades. And more and more twenty-something young men are getting lost and acting out while society tries to find something new to replace the tried and true. Society used to expect men to open doors, protect their families, and be champions of modesty and virtue. But chivalry is dead

There is no war on masculinity. There may be great disagreement over what "masculinity" means, as for many men it seems to mean raping people, saying stupid sexist shit all the time, groping their employees, and running around Chipotle with fucking machine guns. For those of us who live in the world that is not currently burning down, masculinity means being a goddamn grownup however you define that, and not yammering on all the time about how chicks won't fuck you because WHINY. 

The twentysomething young men of my acquaintance are not at all lost because they can't figure out what society or ladies expect of them. They are a little bit lost because of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, paying $1,000 a month for a studio with a hole in the floor in the middle of a DMZ, worried all the time their jobs as code monkeys will disappear overseas, but they are not at all concerned that they can't open doors for women anymore. 

(I will never understand the wingnut article of faith that liberal women won't let men open doors for them. It's like the spitting on a Vietnam vet story of the culture wars. Men open doors for me all the time, especially when I'm carrying Kick around, and I say thank you, and we all go on about our days. Sometimes I say, no, I got it, if the fellow appears older/frailer than I am and I don't want to inconvenience him, and we all go on about our days. And if you don't know who you are or where your penis is without opening a door for somebody, there's really nothing "society" can do for you.)

You know what makes a man feel like he can't protect his family? Getting laid off from his job the day his wife gets out of the hospital from a major surgery for which they now have no way to pay. Watching some jackass in a suit take his job and give it to somebody half his age for half his pay and then listen to said jackass tell him it's the young guy's fault. Staring into the mirror every night knowing there's not enough time for work and family and any kind of meaningful enjoyment of anything but a half hour of TV before collapsing into bed because the morning commute starts in four hours. Watching his kids' college tuition savings go up in a cloud of Wall Street farts, and then hearing that the pension he thought would sustain him into old age is just too much to expect from the company that took his hands and knees and hearing and the best years of his life. 

There's a war on masculinity, all right. Femininity, too. There's a war on all of us. It's just not the one Erick Erickson thinks he sees when he holds up a mirror to his own dick. 


7 thoughts on “Battle of the Bulge: Erickson’s War on Masculinity Nonsense

  1. It makes no sense to me either. These uptight clueless “men” really need to learn about life because I would say that people like Erickson really have not experienced it, or are so self deceiving they’ve forgotten about all the shit that happens along the way, and how hard it can be to make things work.
    Sometimes I look at somebody at work who are just getting married or trying to get a birth certificates, or a couple at Lowes trying to figure out how to make something themselves that they don’t have a clue what to do, and it just breaks a little piece of my heart that people have to try so hard to get so little to make their lives a bit better, and then I read about some CEO making 65 million freaking dollars last year, and it makes me want to wish bad things to happen to them and to their defenders like Erickson, you know?
    They want everyone to reinvent the wheel, and that seems so unproductive and deeply wasteful, but that’s what we gotta do, right? Right?

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